We take our commitments to the environment extremely seriously and operate to reduce long-term impacts.

Our objective is to transition from mining land use to the next sustainable land use, thereby supporting the relinquishment of our mining leases.

Our 10 Green Guidelines outline a range of processes, procedures, obligations and legislative requirements that enable us to uphold our environmental values:

Environmental monitoring

Monitor and respond to noise, vibration, dust and fumes to minimise impact.


Report all environmental hazards and incidents to supervisor.


Protect waterways and groundwater. Be prepared for spill and water release events.


Use effective erosion and sediment controls, and rehabilitate land to final landform requirements.


Comply with Environmental Approvals, and ensure approvals and permits are granted before starting work.

Plants & animals

Protect plants and animals, and prevent the spread of weeds and pests.


Reduce, reuse, recycle and recover to minimise waste and tailings/rejects.


Keep every work area secure and tidy, and maintain housekeeping.

Cultural heritage

Protect and respect cultural heritage and other traditional finds.

Hazardous substances

Store and secure chemical and hazardous substances appropriately.


We are committed to the progressive rehabilitation of our assets to continue to mine and operate in a socially conscious way, and drive down our financial assurance and future closure costs.

At the Isaac Plains Mine, the rehabilitation objective has been to create a safe, stable and sustainable landform using cost-effective spoil placement methods. We have undertaken rehabilitation on a progressive basis in consultation with environmental, technical services and production teams, and all rehabilitation has been carried out with future land use in mind, with the aim to return the site to grazing pasture.

In the last five years, Stanmore Resources has rehabilitated substantially more land than the previous owners in the 10 years prior to Stanmore’s acquisition of the Isaac Plains Mine.

The photos below show our Isaac Plains Complex rehabilitation is flourishing!  In 2022, we rehabilitated over 250 hectares of disturbed ground, meeting and exceeding our ambitious targets. Well done to our rehabilitation team for all your hard work.